As mother and daughter, we were looking for a product to help increase our fitness levels, as well as keep us in shape and healthy. We were searching for something that could support our fitness efforts. So not full of nasty stuff like synthetic caffeine and artificial sweeteners. A simple task, we thought. But after trying many different products, we couldn’t find anything that was effective and 100% natural. That’s when we started doing our own research and testing lots of different tea formulations back at home in Brazil. The energising and medicinal herbs and plants used by the people of the Amazon were just what we were looking for. After more than a year researching plants and testing over 50 formulations, we found the right recipe – a delicious mix of natural caffeine, anti oxidants, and anti inflammatories.


Nature gave us the incredible and powerful ingredients that go into every cup of D’Amazonia tea. And we want to say thank you. That’s why we joined One Tree Planted – to give back to the rainforest, its communities, and our planet. And every time you buy a product, we plant a tree.