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LIGHT, CLEAN PURITY FROM THE AMAZONIAN RAINFORESTD’Amazonia unique and delicious teas are carefully blended plant-based drinks inspired by the tropical rainforests of the Amazon.Each cup is packed with medicinal herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.No additives, no added sugar – even our tea bags are biodegradable.Giving you a pure, clean, energising tea you can enjoy every day as part of your wellness journey.0% CALORIES, 0% FAT, 100% TASTE 100% NATURAL, 100% VEGANWhether you’re looking for a metabolism and energy booster, coffee replacement alternative, detox, pre-workout drink, healthy digestion or quality sleep. D’Amazonia has you covered.D'Amazonia Fitness Tea comprises 12 powerful ingredients to help you achieve your daily health & wellbeing goals with a scientifically formulated blend.D’Amazonia Sleep Tea has 14 powerful ingredients to help you achieve a serene night’s sleep. Calm your senses and reduce stress and anxiety with a carefully formulated non-caffeinated blend.D’Amazonia Digestive Tea has 10 powerful ingredients geared specifically to place healthy digestion at the heart of health and healing.Try now 👉 www.damazonia.co.uk