D’Amazonia launches functional menopause tea

Tea manufacturer D’Amazonia is extending its ‘feelgood’ range by introducing various functional brews, beginning with a tea designed specifically for menopause support.

According to the company, 13 million women in the UK are currently perimenopausal or menopausal, equating to one-third of the female population. Women experiencing menopause are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce, with eight out of ten menopausal women actively working.  

In the UK, the average age women begin to experience menopause is 51. However, one in 100 women will experience it before 40. 

D’Amazonia’s tea contains nine beneficial ingredients including hibiscus, which supports cardiovascular health, rosehip that contains anti-inflammatory properties, passionflower leaf that boosts calmness and hawthorn which helps lower blood pressure.

Marcela Tupinamba, co-founder of D’Amazonia, said: “From day one, our primary goal was to be a vocal advocate for best-in-class hot beverages that offer deep-rooted healthier living benefits. We started out with a digestive brew, a health and wellness beverage and a superior sleep tea in 2021. Therefore, it made perfect sense that our fourth recipe tackled yet another mass-market ailment.” 

The blends come in recyclable pouches containing bio-degradable pyramid teabags, which can be used twice.

The tea will be available to purchase online in February on the website here.

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