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D'Amazonia Wins GOLD at The Great British Food Awards 2023

By :Marcela Tupinamba 0 comments
D'Amazonia Wins GOLD at The Great British Food Awards 2023

This is a 'step-change' award for our D'Amazonia brand - Up until now we have secured plaudits for our game-changing innovation (The World Innovation Awards) our nutritional integrity (Nourish awards) coupled with an unwavering commitment to best-in-class ingredients (Quality Food Awards).

Yes, Great Taste joy gave us an early inclination that our brews also over-index in taste however a hard fought Gold at Great British Food award had us grinning from ear-to-ear. All too often there's an uncomfortable assumption that products that prioritise nutritional vitality, somehow fall by the wayside when it comes to taste. The Great British Food awards made its name by putting taste front of house. By securing GOLD, we not only outshone our health-conscious peers but also outperformed a multitude of 'tea purist' brands that were assembled solely in terms of flavour, tea heritage and ingredient snobbery. 

We make no bones of the fact that improved sleep was the key priority when creating our flagship product. The fact that we are also being lauded for our peerless flavour profile is quite simply the icing on the cake because GREAT TASTE meets HEALTHY BENEFITS is surely the hot beverages HOLY GRAIL (or HOLY BREW) 

Sleep better at night knowing that D'Amazonia has your back!



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